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Lehigh County D.A. James Martin on the Jimmy Snuka homicide investigation

"Don’t get me wrong. I feel empathy for the Argentino family, but 30 years ago there was not sufficient evidence in this case to charge anybody with a crime. The (Lehigh County) DA at the time was William Platt. For 5 1/2 years, I was his first assistant. He's now a judge in the superior court. I've got a lot of respect for the guy. If he didn't think there was enough evidence to charge anyone with a crime in connection with her death, I doubt that I'm going to think there's enough evidence based on basically the same information. There’s an inconclusive pathology report on the autopsy. It hasn’t been ruled a homicide. And basically what we have is Snuka giving some inconsistent statements. Procanyn knows the case better than anyone who’s still alive and he’s probably one of the most tenacious investigators I’ve met. So as far as I’m concerned, the sisters’ complaints and Muchnick’s (e-book) observations are unfounded. It’s unlikely that we’re going to talk to Snuka at this point. We’re going to look at the files. If [Chief Deputy District Attorney] Charlie Gallagher thinks that there’s an avenue of investigation that was not done, or not done adequately at the time, we may talk to other people. We may not. It's going to depend on what his review is. I've asked him to look at it. I told the sisters I didn't want to raise any false expectations and I wasn't making any commitments. We may not put it in front of the grand jury if we don't think there's any more to be discovered by a grand jury investigation."

The result of the New Jersey Courier Post interviewing Lehigh County D.A. James Martin about his decision to reopen the Jimmy Snuka homicide investigation of his late girlfriend Nancy Argentino. One gets the feeling that they've already made up their minds that there's nothing to be gained from opening up a grand jury investigation and are just going through the motions to placate the Argentino family. Unsurprisingly, Irv Muchnick was once again not impressed by the praise for detective Gerry Procanyn, claiming that the only thing Procanyn was tenacious about was attempting to snow him when he himself investigated the case in 1992 for a journalistic assignment. Indeed, Muchnick contends that Procanyn never told him about the inconsistent statements Snuka made when he was initially interrogated by the cop and also made to other witnesses like the Whitehall police officer who responded to the original emergency call, an emergency room nurse and the hospital chaplain.

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