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Big East meetings: No sound, no fury, no nothin'


The phrase "Sound and fury signifying nothing" comes to mind regarding Friday's Big East meetings in Dallas - except that there's no fury, almost no sound - just a stale-sounding official statement...

How the experts are rating the MWC Bowls, Part 1


Now that all the MWC bowl game match ups are set, the analysis and ranking will begin. Where do the Mountain West bowl games rank in the minds of the country's gilded media members? MW Connection...

Confrontation Occurs; Georgia Coach Automatically Assumed to be in the Wrong


I read Dr. Saturday daily, I'm a big fan of Matt Hinton, and I have no major quarrel with Graham Watson's work generally, but this is the second time Watson has pointedly sided against a Georgia coach in a situation where, to put it delicately, it was far from clear that the Georgia coach was in the wrong. I hope it's just coincidental, but it's genuinely vexing. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

The Dig: Craving a Chiara Burger Basket from Papa Burger Edition


The Dig: Your Best UTEP and C-USA Roundup. This time: Rice snags the first two recruits of their 2011 class; Derrick Caracter highlights; Houston fires their baseball coach; and UTEP recruiting...

The Daily Dig: 3.5.10


There's some good stuff in this Dig.  Billy Gillispie makes a cameo and Doug Wojcik has excuses.  Let's take a look around the C-U-S- of A!THE UTEP MINERS Good Company:  Yahoo! Sports Jason King...

The Daily Dig: 2.26.10


TGIF:  Here are some C-USA links to get you through the afternoon at work!  Let's Take a look around the league from El Paso to Hattiesburg! UTEP MINERS More National Love:  USA Today's Eddie...

The Daily Dig: 2.23.10


From El Paso to Huntington!  Let's take a look around the C-USA landscape.   UTEP Miners Giving Culpepper Comp?  Julyan Stone posterized Tulsa's 7' star Jerome Jordan.  He discussed the dunk with...

Chat with Graham Watson - SportsNation - ESPN


If you wanted to ask Graham Watson something, and you don't have twitter, this is your opportunity!

And BSU is the top non-BCS team this year???


Color me irritated, but Graham "I really DO know what I'm doing" Watson just released her all-non-BCS teams. Surprise, surprise, only ONE BSU player. It makes me want to go rabbit punch a kitten.

Boise State rumored to be involved in Mountain West expansion; molehills rumored to be mountains


Boise State to the Mountain West? Perhaps Graham Watson needs to stop injecting speculation into her headlines.

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