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Trade has more to do with Marinelli than Lawrence.

Say what you want about the trade. Whether you love it or hate it, "it" happened, and now we justify "why". After hearing about the three seperate suspensions, I assumed Mr.RKG would lobby to...


Roughing it in Texas - three pivotal points

My fellow TAs have been telling me I should post my take on the game because my analysis is "unique" and "incisive". So here goes: my take of the key factors in the March 29 1-2 loss to Dallas.1....


Tampa Bay Lightning at Dallas Stars game thread

The second game of the current road trip sees the Bolts visit Dallas, Texas in a matinee affair with the Stars.

Rumor Roundup for Tuesday, December 10

Looking back on past rumors about WrestleMania XXX, WWE talent concerned over WWE Network, why Philadelphia never had a chance to hose WrestleMania 31, and more!



Mack Brown pens a heartfelt letter to Texas detailing his plans to lead Texas when he leaves Texas.


Coming to North Texas for the game? Here's a 'native' guide (Part 2)

OK, here's the follow-up to Monday's post on North Texas info. Part 2 will focus on where to go and what to do. I'll break it down by neighborhood - and mostly focus on Dallas and Fort Worth,...

Gay block party set for Dallas Super Bowl


The Cedar Springs strip in the gay section of Dallas will be the site of a block party planned for the night of Feb. 5, 2011, a day before the Super Bowl.  It's being billed as the world's first...

Dallas Voice promoting 'bicyclust'


We hear comparisons between gay sex and beastiality, incest and every other kind of unorthodox sex. But Team Dallas Voice has taken it to another level: bicyclust. In their new video promoting the L...

Orlando, Texas softball teams faring well


The Orlando Force and Orlando Fireball Run Driver took the top seeds after pool play of the A- and D-divisions (respectively) of the open competition at the Gay Softball World Series in Columbus,...

Dez Bryant doesn't like that his mother's gay


So much is wrong with the Dallas Morning News' article today profiling Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant, who is headed to the NFL this weekend. First is the multiple uses of the term "sexual...

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