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Keep Dreaming: SMU Begins Campaign for Big 12 Membership


C'mon SMU, really? The Big 12 doesn't need SMU to dominate the DFW TV market- they do that with Texas. While SMU is a strong academic university, they are miles away from having an athletic department that a BCS league would covet.

San Jose State Is On The Table As Latest Mountain West Addition - Mountain West Connection


Well, it looks like the MWC may be making a move for San Jose State- this move makes sense to me in that is shows that the MWC and CUSA have decided to stay away from each other's teams for expansion purposes in hopes of a shared title game or merger in some way, shape or form.

Report: Fresno State Accepts Invitation to the Mountain West


How Many Times has Karl Benson seen the WAC die? How does he still have a job? Update: I recommend Miner fans check out this article from Jeremy at MWC Connection- on how BYU pushed for the WAC teams to sign the buy in- to preserve the league for their non-football teams.

INSANITY: The Mountain West Conference Offers Fresno State & Nevada Membership


Will Fresno and Nevada pay the $5 million buy out? Has the MWC just turned into the WAC? What day is it? Update: Nevada has responded to the MWC invite, they have not accepted, excerpt: From Nevada president Milt Glick: "We are honored to have received the invitation to join the Mountain West Conference. We are seriously considering the invitation, and do so with the best interests of our athletics program, University, community and Wolf Pack fans as our priority."

Just Another Day: Report Says Big East Set to Invite Memphis and UCF


The report comes from an Orlando TV station (the link above is to a Gary Parrish article discussing the original report). Conference USA was spared any damage during the first wave of expansion. If anything, this report should remind us all that there is no telling when everything will stop shifting this summer. Right now, with the Big East unaffected by the Big 10's plans, I am not sure why they would seek expansion to 10 football schools. It wouldn't add any chance at a football championship game and adding UCF and Memphis doesn't add much, if any, history of success either. Let's see if this story picks up traction in the coming days.

Ripple Effects: The MWC is Reportedly Losing Utah to the Pac 10


Two things here: 1) Does the loss of Utah cause rival BYU to pursue a spot in the Big 12? Can the Cougars sit by and let their arch rival get a seat at the table while all they get is a game against Boise State? 2) With the MWC losing a premier football program, will TCU consider coming back to C-USA to realign with their traditional rivals and to get on ESPN instead of Versus?

Realignment: Looks Like the Big 12 Might Stay "Intact" at 10 Teams


For the moment, it appears that the Big 12 has somehow managed to survive even after losing Colorado and Nebraska last week to the Pac 10 and Big 10 respectively. This report could be outdated and completely wrong at literally any point in the coming days, but for now, it looks like the major shifts have ceased. There will still be ripple effects, although none as dire or severe as we expected last week. 1. The Pac 10 seems intent on adding a 12th team in order to host a Conference Title game. If the Big 12 schools are out, expect the league to look at Utah. That move would knock the MWC down to 9 teams again. It is possible, the MWC will look to replace Utah. It's also possible that Boise St is the replacement. Losing Utah hurts the MWC. The Salt Lake market is the cornerstone of their TV Network. 2. At this point, that's it. The Big 12 might stay at 10. The Big 10 might stay at 12. AM UPDATE: Of course this happened. I waited all day to post anything on realignment to see where the story seemed to be. Then, two minutes later, 104.9 The Horn (Austin Sports Radio where Chip Brown does his show) reports that the Big 12 will go back to 12 teams by pursuing Air Force and BYU. If, and that's a big 'If", this is true: The MWC as we know it may be dead. Absent BYU, Utah,and Air Force, the league is down to 7 teams and has lost any hope for AQ status that it seemed so close to just weeks ago. In this scenario, it's possible TCU may seek to rejoin Conference USA to get back to playing games in Texas. Remember C-USA has a better TV deal than the MWC and if this is true that's not changing anytime soon. Or, this could be another rumor that dies in 5 minutes.

It's Official; Boise State Has Joined the Mountain West

Ripple Effects: Jeremy at the MWC Connection has the story and links to the MWC's press release. I guess Colorado going to the Pac 10 cleared the way for Boise to claim the MWC's 10th spot.
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