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MWC, C-USA to Take talks to 'Next Level' - SignOnSanDiego.com


Representatives from three MWC schools are meeting with representatives from three C-USA squads to take talks to the "next level." Let's see if the "merger" idea picks up steam in the coming days.

INSANITY: The Mountain West Conference Offers Fresno State & Nevada Membership


Will Fresno and Nevada pay the $5 million buy out? Has the MWC just turned into the WAC? What day is it? Update: Nevada has responded to the MWC invite, they have not accepted, excerpt: From Nevada president Milt Glick: "We are honored to have received the invitation to join the Mountain West Conference. We are seriously considering the invitation, and do so with the best interests of our athletics program, University, community and Wolf Pack fans as our priority."

It's Official: BYU To Go Independent in Football | The Salt Lake Tribune


Well, no speculation this time.. The Salt Lake Tribunes Jay Drew and Tony Jones confirm that BYU is officially leaving the Mountain West and going independent. BYU will play 4 WAC teams a year in football and their other sports teams will compete in the WAC (think Notre Dame with the Big East). I guess I will have to write out an extended post on what this means from a C-USA and UTEP perspective...

It's Official: The Nebraska Cornhusters Have Joined the Big 10 Conference


This should wrap up the movement for this week. The Texas Regents will reportedly meet on Tuesday to discuss realignment. So, the major wave- the movement of the other 5 Big 12 teams to the Pac 10 could happen then. For Nebraska's fan perspective, check out Corn Nation.

I Got a Fever: And the Only Cure is More Expansion Talk


Honestly, I need to be studying for the Texas Bar Exam and I keep reading expansion articles! If you are caught up in the expansion excitement like I am, be sure to check out the SBNation story stream. This is one of the many times where having a team blog on the SBNation network blows away everything else out there. Why? Well, Boise St. didn't get invited, as expected, to the MWC today. If you want to know the reaction in Boise, you can hop on over to One Bronco Nation Under God and ask questions to the people on the ground. Want the Mountain West perspective? Check out MWC Connection. Wanna know how Jayhawk fans feel about being left out? Get a sense of the insanity at Rock Chalk Talk.

The New SWC: Another Take on Conference Expansion


This is the kind of scenario that Miner fans would love, Richard Justice see's that if the Big 12 does lose Texas, A&M, and Tech, their could be a foundation made for a reborn SWC with Houston, SMU, Rice, Baylor, UTEP, and TCU in the mix.

Death of the Big 12? Report Says Pac-10 To Invite Six Teams From Big 12 To Join Conference - SBNation.com


Chaos! Chip Brown, a very reliable source from Orangebloods.com, is reporting that the Pac 10 plans to extend offers to six Big 12 teams to form a 16 team mega-conference. Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Colorado. CougCenter, SBN's Washington State blog, has the Pac 10 perspective here. UPDATE: Colorado AD Mike Bohn believes that the PAC 10 will indeed invite six Big 12 schools. The Brown story just got legs... LINK HERE

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