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MIke Price Will Return to UTEP in 2011- Bret Bloomquist


Bob Stull told Bret Bloomquist that "Yes" MIke Price will return to UTEP next season. Obviously, more on this later..

UTEP AD Bob Stull: Improved D, Favorable Schedule, Should Put UTEP in a Bowl Game


I like it- I like the AD writing in his own words what he expects to see out of the 2010 Miners. Stull thinks this could be the best offense of the Mike Price era, and with some improvement on defense and a favorable schedule, he thinks UTEP should be in the postseason for the first time in 5 years. Can't credit El Paso, Inc. enough for their sports coverage. The INC used to be the rag that I'd wash my windshield with, now they've really stepped up their game. Bob Stull, as noted in the Dig several times, writes a periodic column on UTEP athletics in the INC, and he recently posted an outlook piece on the 2010 Miners. Good read from the man with the keys....

Zahira Torres: A Good Look on Tim Floyd's Salary


The EPT has finally made their Sunday feature on Tim Floyd's compensation package available online. As expected, the pay structure is heavily incentive based. For C-USA, the total compensation is very competitive. EXCERPT: But UTEP administrators said Floyd could earn between $150,000 and $200,000 more per year than his predecessor, Tony Barbee. Barbee received a base salary of $233,602 for 2008-09, but after incentives he made more than $400,000, according to university documents.

UTEP Students Vote No (El Paso Times)


UTEP students voted resoundingly against the proposed athletics enhancement initiative Thursday. Thoughts?

ESPN's Andy Katz: UTEP Hires Tim Floyd


Andy Katz is reporting that UTEP has hired Tim Floyd to be their newest head basketball coach and replace the departed Tony Barbee.

Foot in Mouth? KROD's Steve Kaplowitz Retracts Report that Randall Dickey Has Been Named UTEP's Head Basketball Coach


I guess I'll have to wait a couple of hours before every posting anything that Steve Kaplowitz reports. After earlier reporting that UTEP's hiring of Randall Dickey was a done deal and that an "announcement could come as soon as today," Kaplowitz has retracted his story and apologized for jumping the gun. Miner athletic director Bob Stull contacted Kaplowitz and convinced him that he has not made a decision yet.

Duke Keith: "Hard Rumors" Tim Floyd is the Man


Duke Keith reports, via his Twitter page, that Tim Floyd is at the top of UTEP's wish list. Thoughts on Floyd?

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