The Dig (Conference USA Round Up)

The Dig: Homecoming, New Mexico Agony, and Another Basketball Surprise Edition


In The Dig: Some injury updates; Homecoming events; George O'Leary is making a big mistake; Bob Stull's infamous '5th Down" game just won'g go away; and notes on UNM and NMSU are set for the...

The Dig: Let's Celebrate UTEP's Homecoming by Frying Rice Edition


In The Dig: UTEP is honoring a legendary Miner football squad, Kris Adams gives some love to the UTEP defense, we take a quick look at the Rice quarterback situation, and we give some love to...

Mega Dig: Paint Albuquerque Orange Edition


In The Dig: There's a new Donald Buckram watch, great recruiting notes, we catch up with Derrick Caracter, conference realignment is starting to wake up yet again, and of course, all the New Mexico...

The Dig: Searching for Non "Fire Mike Locksley" UNM Content Edition


In The Dig: I'm not saying that New Mexico is the worst team in college football, but there's no denying they're in the conversation.... at or near the top of the list.... in the top 5..... Okay,...

The Dig: A Good UTEP Offense is About to Get Better Edition


In The Dig: He's Baaaaaack... Donald Buckram isn't wearing a no-hit jersey. He's practicing at full speed with the first team's offense. It looks like Buckram will make his 2010 debut Saturday at...

The Dig: Let's Make Some History and Beat Memphis Edition


In The Dig: Las Vegas loves the Miners this week and is giving Memphis 10.5 points. Easy Money? Well, the Miners have never beat the Tigers in football. Hopefully, beating the Tigers Mike Price can...

The Dig: Kicking Off Beat Memphis Week Edition


In The Dig: Wrapping up the Beatdown of 1-10, DeWayne Walker apologizes to the Aggie faithful, the Houston Cougars pick up the pieces, and checking in with game reports from across the league.

The Dig: Beat the ______ Out of NMSU Edition


In The Dig:  No ECU.  No SMU.  The Dig is All About UTEP and New Mexico State.  The Battle of 1-10 is upon us. The UTEP Miners Shhhh......  Coach Mike Price has locked the media out of practice....

The Dig: Getting Fired Up for the Battle of 1-10 Edition


In The Dig: Mike Price notes that the swelling in Donald Buckram's knee has gone down; Buckram plans to start cutting today; and all the pre-Battle of 1-10 quotes from UTEP's finest.

The Dig: Kicking Off The Battle of 1-10 Game Week Edition


With the UH game in the rear view window, UTEP sets their sights on New Mexico State & the Silver Spade.

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