2014 NCAA Tournament: Friday Second Round OpenThread/TV Listings

How many 12-5 classics will there be today? Can 14. seed from the C-USA fit a glass slipper? Check out Fridays TV Times.

*-Inidcates MinerRush Bracket Breaker

All Time Eastern

12:15, CBS, Raleigh: (3) Duke vs. (14) Mercer

Jabari Parker has turned into a 20/10 guy and could have a big tournament, but can Duke turn it on to avoid another disappointing ending?

12:40, truTV, San Antonio: (6) Baylor vs. (11) Nebraska

Should be Southern Miss. or SMU here against Baylor IMO.

1:40, TBS, St. Louis: (7) New Mexico vs. (10) Stanford

New Mexico is talented and kind of under the radar, I think they could make a run.

2:10, TNT, San Diego: (1) Arizona vs. (16) Weber State

No upset here, Arizona could use this game for free throw practice.

2:45, CBS, Raleigh: (6) UMass vs. (11) Tennessee *

Either Iowa or Tennessee would have beat UMass, UTEP beats Tennesse, Iowa drills UTEP, Tenn. beats Iowa, #Madness

3:10, truTV, San Antonio: (3) Creighton vs. (14) UL Lafayette

Doug McDermott is a baller, I got them losing to Wisconsin the elite eight.

4:10, TBS, St. Louis: (2) Kansas vs. (15) Eastern Kentucky

Wiggins has turned it on as of late, Kansas has the depth to make a run with or without Joel Embiid , things won't get easy for the Jayhawks after today.

4:40, TNT, San Diego: (8) Gonzaga vs. (9) Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State has underachieved this year, a chance to turn it around, but Gonzaga knows what their doing.

6:55, TBS, Raleigh: (8) Memphis vs. (9) George Washington *

Memphis beat Louisville twice this year, I've always liked Chris Crawford and Joe Jackson, but wouldn't mind seeing an upset either.

7:10, CBS, St. Louis: (1) Wichita State vs. (16) Cal Poly

Wichita State v Kentucky in the next round should be a classic, a tone setter for the Shockers if they move on to the Sweet 16.

7:20, TNT, San Antonio: (6) North Carolina vs. (11) Providence *

Marcus Paige is pretty impressive when he is rolling, the Heels have a tough road to get the final four, something smells upset here.

7:27, truTV, San Diego: (5) VCU vs. (12) Stephen F. Austin

SFA is on a 28-game win streak, but can they stop VCU's guard play?

9:25, TBS, Raleigh: (1) Virginia vs. (16) Coastal Carolina

Virginia defends, and rebounds, one of my final four teams.

9:40, CBS, St. Louis: (8) Kentucky vs. (9) Kansas State

I wouldn't want to play Kentucky, the Harrison twins have been huge this year.

9:50, TNT, San Antonio: (3) Iowa State vs. (14) North Carolina Central

DeAndre Kane is one of four players in the naition who average 17 points a game, three others average 16, and oh yeah they also have the Big 12 player of the year, Iowa State is going be a tough out.

9:57, truTV, San Diego: (4) UCLA vs. (13) Tulsa *

Tulsa is red hot and has the guards to slow down anyone, but UCLA can run, and score, interesting match-up of polar opposites , beat Alford's ass Danny.

For Complete NCAA Tournament Coverage Make Sure to Check Out SB Nation.

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