UTEP Men's Basketball "Dream Team" - Power Forwards

1966 Texas Western Miners

Alright Miner fans, its on to week two of the five week series that will determine the all time UTEP Men's Basketball "Dream Team". Last week, you all chose David "Big Daddy D" Lattin as the best center in UTEP history. This week, its up to you to choose the best power forward.

The list is filled with some great names in Miner history, including Jim Barnes, Nevil Shed, Jim Forbes, Fred Reynolds, Chris Sandle, Antonio Davis, Marlon Maxey, George Banks, Sharif Fajardo, and Brandon Wolfram. None of these guys need any introduction, but it is up to you to decide who would be the starting PF on the UTEP "Dream Team"

For your help, here's a quick breakdown of these guys' stats. These stats, of course, shouldn't be the only thing to make your decision, but hopefully it'll give you a little help:


Player Years Played GP FGM FG% FT%
Jim Barnes 1962-1964 54 465 0.533 0.751
Nevil Shed 1964-1967 79 292 0.458 0.737
Jim Forbes 1971-1974 61 287 0.479 0.757
Fred Reynolds 1979-1984 112 462 0.492 0.696
Chris Sandle 1986-1988 50 268 0.505 0.719
Antonio Davis 1986-1990 94 389 0.552 0.611
Marlon Maxey 1989-1992 72 356 0.528 0.712
George Banks 1993-1995 59 230 0.536 0.665
Sharif Fajardo 1995-1998 97 355 0.478 0.756
Brandon Wolfram 1997-2001 104 668 0.582 0.796


Player Total Points Total Rebounds Total Assists Total Blocks Total Steals
Jim Barnes 1,308 965 N/A N/A N/A
Nevil Shed 758 601 N/A N/A N/A
Jim Forbes 651 399 N/A N/A N/A
Fred Reynolds 1,176 582 144 58 70
Chris Sandle 750 270 65 34 41
Antonio Davis 1,082 693 55 96 48
Marlon Maxey 995 539 40 75 48
George Banks 689 498 40 122 91
Sharif Fajardo 1,114 553 130 61 76
Brandon Wolfram 1,831 734 115 59 85


Jim Barnes 24.22 17.87 N/A N/A N/A
Nevil Shed 9.59 7.61 N/A N/A N/A
Jim Forbes 10.67 6.54 N/A N/A N/A
Fred Reynolds 10.5 5.19 1.67 0.67 0.81
Chris Sandle 15 5.4 1.3 0.68 0.82
Antonio Davis 11.5 7.37 0.585 1.02 0.51
Marlon Maxey 13.81 7.49 0.555 1.04 0.67
George Banks 11.68 8.44 0.678 2.06 1.54
Sharif Fajardo 11.48 5.7 1.34 0.63 0.78
Brandon Wolfram 17.61 7.01 1.11 0.57 0.82

One thing of note, while most of these guys came in and played significant minutes from the start of their Miner careers, Antonio Davis was one who did not. His freshman year, he did play, but considering he was averaging 1 shot attempt a game, I felt that those stats would be a huge outlier.

Again, these stats are not meant to make your decision, but more are meant to be in aid in coming to a conclusion. There are some Miner greats on this list, and tougher than deciding who should be on it, is deciding who will be left off. So, who will be the starting power forward on the UTEP "Dream Team"? You make the call.

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