UTEP Men's Basketball's "Dream Team": Centers

1966 Texas Western Miners

As the Ultimate Miners Bracket winds down and Olympic "Dream Team" Fever in the air, we've had a few Twitter followers suggest we create our own men's basketball UTEP Miner Dream Team. And so we thought, "What an awesome idea."

Here's how it'll work...

Every week I'll feature a different position. I'll list 10-15 candidates for that position and their career stats. There will be a poll attached to the post where you, the Miner fans, will be able to vote for who you think should represent the Miner Dream Team at that position. The top vote getter for each position will be named a starter on the Miner Dream Team. The writing staff here at the Rush will fill in the rest of the roster and the entire 13-player squad will be named after the starters have been voted on by the readers.

*A FEW NOTES: I'm well aware that some players played multiple positions. I've done my best to put Miner candidates in the right polls, but a few positions have way more great players than others. Also, it's inevitable that some great UTEP players will not be listed as candidates for the Dream Team. If you think any of the omissions are too egregious, feel free to let us know about it in the comments section.

So let's get this thing started with the first starting spot on the Miner Dream Team up for grabs: Center. Here are the candidates:

NOTE: There was some conflict as to which player should represent the mid-60's team in the center position, Lattin or Nevil Shed. But even though Shed was the taller player (6 foot 8), Lattin is listed as the center and Shed as a forward in every stat sheet I've encountered.

David Lattin, 6-7
1965-1967, 56 games played

Gary Brewster, 6-8
1972-1976, 100 games played

Dave Feitl, 6-11
1982-1986, 125 games played

Wayne Campbell, 6-7
1982-1988, 124 games played

Mike Richmond, 6-9
1985-1987, 64 games played

Greg Foster, 7-0
1988-1990, 58 games played

David Van Dyke, 6-10
1988-1992, 127 games played

John Tofi, 6-8
2002-2006, 117 games played

Derrick Caracter, 6-9
2009-2010, 27 games played


NOTE: Assist, Block, and Steal stats were not kept in David Lattin's or Gary Brewster's era.

1. Dave Feitl 543
2. John Tofi 482
3. Gary Brewster 481
4. David Van Dyke 385
5. Wayne Campbell 313
6. David Lattin 291
7. Mike Richmond 287
8. Greg Foster 250
9. Derrick Caracter 148

1. John Tofi 774
2. Dave Feitl 726
3. Gary Brewster 673
4. Wayne Campbell 614
5. David Van Dyke 600
6. David Lattin 521
7. Greg Foster 387
8. Mike Richmond 338
9. Derrick Caracter 281

1. John Tofi 137
2. Dave Feitl 129
3. Wayne Campbell 87
4. David Van Dyke 76
5. Greg Foster 49
6. Derrick Caracter 30
7. Mike Richmond 23

1. David Van Dyke 336
2. Dave Feitl 137
3. John Tofi 110
4. Wayne Campbell 61
5. Greg Foster 58
6. Mike Richmond 47
7. Derrick Caracter 23

1. Wayne Campbell 121
1. David Van Dyke 121
3. John Tofi 78
4. Dave Feilt 38
5. Mike Richmond 31
6. Derrick Caracter 26
7. Greg Foster 19

1. Dave Feitl 1442
2. John Tofi 1247
3. Gary Brewster 1213
4. David Van Dyke 1077
5. David Lattin 816
6. Wayne Campbell 812
7. Mike Richmond 672
8. Greg Foster 627
9. Derrick Caracter 380


1. Derrick Caracter 56.7%
2. Mike Richmond 56.3%
3. Wayne Campbell 55.1%
4. John Tofi 51.7%
5. Gary Brewster 50.4%
6. Dave Feitl 50.1%
7. David Lattin 48.4%
8. David Van Dyke 47.6%
9. Greg Foster 47.3%

1. David Lattin 9.3
2. Derrick Caracter 8.0
3. Gary Brewster 6.7
3. Greg Foster 6.7
5. John Tofi 6.6
6. Dave Feitl 5.8
7. Mike Richmond 5.3
8. Wayne Campbell 4.9
9. David Van Dyke 4.7

1. John Tofi 1.2
2. Derrick Caracter 1.1
3. Dave Feitl 1.0
4. Greg Foster 0.8
5. Wayne Campbell 0.7
6. David Van Dyke 0.6
7. Mike Richmond 0.4

1. David Van Dyke 2.6
2. Dave Feilt 1.1
3. Greg Foster 1.0
4. John Tofi 0.9
5. Derrick Caracter 0.8
6. Mike Richmond 0.7
7. Wayne Campbell 0.5

1. David Lattin 14.6
2. Derrick Caracter 14.1
3. Gary Brewster 12.1
4. Dave Feitl 11.5
5. Greg Foster 10.8
6. John Tofi 10.6
7. Mike Richmond 10.5
8. David Van Dyke 8.5
9. Wayne Campbell 6.5

These stats should be seen as merely one tool in thinking about these great Miner players. Obviously, the intangibles and your memory of their greatness is what really matters when deciding the Miner Dream Team. What memory sticks out in your mind from any of these Miner centers?

One last note, some centers also played power forward, and so they will be listed in next week's pool of candidates (Antonio Davis, Dick Gibbs, Nevil Shed, etc)

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