Final C-USA Football Attendance Rankings



(Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium has built a reputation as one of the loudest stadiums in the mid majors.)

Despite enduring, the worst football season in roughly a decade UTEP proves it is one of the best teams in attendance in the conference. A mark of 3-9 did not prevent UTEP from finishing ranked in the top three. The attendance numbers UTEP has achieved this football season are remarkable. On one hand, we have teams such as Tulsa the C-USA west champions with nine wins who cannot catch up to UTEP. On the other hand, we have a couple of bowl bound teams such as La Tech, SMU, UTSA, and RICE who rank below UTEP. It is easy to assume that if we had 8+ wins such as ECU or UCF we would rank #1 overall.

ECU (8-4) 47,013 282,076 Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium 50,000 94%
UCF (9-3) 34,608 207,646 Bright House Networks 45,301 76%
UTEP (3-9) 29,366 176,199 Sun Bowl 51,500 57%
UTSA (8-4) 29,226 175,355 Alamodome 65,000 45%
Houston (5-7) 27,247 190,729 Robertson Stadium 32,000 85%
La Tech (9-3) 25,841 155,045 Joe Aillet Stadium 30,600 84%
Southern Miss (0-12) 25,615 153,693 M.M Roberts Stadium 36,000 71%
Marshall (5-7) 24,896 149,377 Joan C. Edwards Stadium 38,019 65%
SMU (6-6) 24,840 149,042 Gerald J. Ford Stadium 32,000 78%
Memphis (4-8) 24,371 146,227 Liberty Bowl 62,380 39%
Tulsa (9-3) 20,418 122,508 H.A Chapman Stadium 30,000 68%
North Texas (4-8) 18,927 94,634 Mean Green Stadium 30,850 61%
Tulane (2-10) 18,085 126,593 Superdome 76,468 24%
RICE (6-6) 16,937 101,623 RICE Stadium 47,000 36%
UAB (3-9) 15,270 91,623 Legion Field 71,594 21%
FIU (3-9) 13,634 81,806 FIU Stadium 23,500 58%

The potential to be the class of C-USA is in place. Next football season we will have a new coach and participate in a restructured conference. With the correct moves in the off-season, we can attain great success in the mid major scene for several years to come.

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