The Arizona Kid: A Quick Q&A with UTEP's Newest Basketball Commit Michael Perez

UTEP's newest basktball player, Michael Perez, can definitely finish near the basket. Photo courtesy of

I was able to catch up briefly with UTEP's newest basketball commitment, Pueblo's Michael Perez.  Perez is a 6'4 shooting guard who can provide some immediate depth to UTEP's backcourt.  For more on Perez's commitment to UTEP, with some highlights and notes on his game, click here. 

Miner Rush:  What is it about UTEP that led you to commit to the Miners? I saw on Twitter you said it "was a better fit" than St. John's. Why is that the case?

Michael Perez:  I love the new facilities and coaching staff. Everyone is very helpful. Also its closer to home so my family and friends can come watch games.

MR:  I saw you started classes at UTEP today. How'd it go? What are your thoughts about the campus? The student body? El Paso?

Michael Perez:  The campus is great, its easy to get from class to class and the people are very friendly. El Paso feels like Tucson so its easy to adapt.

MR:  You really tore up the AAU circuit. How did those tournaments help you get "discovered" by college coaches?

Michael Perez:  The tournaments really helped me a lot. They put me in a position to play in front of numerous college coaches and playing with the Compton Magic was great.

MR:  How do you describe your game? Do you prefer to play the point, or off guard? Are you a slasher? 

Michael Perez:  I think im an athletic two-guard. I like to slash and score in a variety of ways.



via Pueblo Warriors

MR:  What aspect of your game would you say is your biggest strength? Conversely, what is the thing you think you need to work on the most?

Michael Perez:  My biggest strength would be my athleticism and scoring ability. I need to tighten up my ball handling skills and get a more consistent shot.

MR: Is there anything you'd like to say to the Miner Nation?

Michael Perez:  I just want to let Miner Nation know that im going to be humble and a hard worker all the time and we'll be we ready for the season. 

I loved Michael's response to that last question.  It's always good to see an incoming player acknowledge that humility and hard work can be the keys to a successful college career.  Welcome to the Miner Nation, Michael.

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