I Got Out My Crystal Ball

The First FanPost to Get Bumped.   Thanks for Contributing, Kyyote!  I also added a poll.

I was looking to see what the next few weeks might bring to C-USA basketball, and eventually to the conference tournament.  Even though the ball is crystal, the images inside were kind of cloudy.  Here's what I think I saw.  I suggest you get yours out and see if you can verify what I saw.
     The top four teams, UTEP, Memphis, UAB, and Marshall, play @ So. Miss., @ Houston, @UCF, and @ Rice, respectively.  I see all four front runners winning those games.  When I look at the games after that, UTEP plays Rice, Memphis plays So. Miss., UAB plays Tulane, and Marshall plays UCF.  I see the top teams winning those games, too.  Then it gets a little tougher to see through the clouds.  That is when UTEP travels to Marshall, and Memphis heads on down to Alabama.  I think, when I squint my eyes, I see UTEP winning, and Memphis winning their game against UAB.  So, after the next three games have been played, the top four teams don't change  their positions.  The final games of the regular season have UAB coming to UTEP, where they will not have to go into overtime to get their loss, Memphis goes to Tulsa to prepare for the conference tournament by finishing off Tulsa's disappointing regular season, and Marshall goes to Dallas to do what most teams do, and beat the Mustangs.
     At the end of the regular season the standings should look like this;
UTEP             15-1
Memphis        14-2
UAB               11-5
Marshall         11-5
TU                 10-6
So. Miss.         8-8
UCF                7-9
Houston         7-9
SMU               7-9
ECU               3-13
Tulane           2-14
Rice               1-15

     Which brings me to my Conference USA Bracketology.  UTEP, Memphis, UAB, and Marshall get the first round byes. Let the tournament begin(well, you know, when it really does).  Here are the match-ups as I see them.

1(5). Tulsa versus 8(16). Rice--Winner=Tulsa
2(6). So. Miss. versus 7(15). Tulane--Winner=So. Miss.
3(7). UCF versus 6(14). ECU--Winner=UCF
4(8). Houston versus 5(13). SMU--Winner=Houston

Round two;
1. UTEP versus 8. Houston--Winner=UTEP
2. Memphis versus 7. UCF--Winner=Memphis
3. UAB versus 6. So. Miss.--Winner=UAB
4. Marshall versus 5. Tulsa--Winner=Tulsa

Final Four
1. UTEP versus 5. Tulsa--Winner=UTEP
2. Memphis versus 3. UAB--Winner=Memphis

Championship Game
1. UTEP versus 2. Memphis--Winner=UTEP

UTEP wins regular season Conference USA championship, and the C-USA Tournament for the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.  UTEP's record entering the NCAA Tournament is 18-1 and 27-5.

Memphis, based on their NCAA Tournament history, and their record of 16-3 and 26-8 overall receives an At Large  invitation.

UAB finishes 12-6 and 24-8 overall, goes to the NIT.

Marshall finishes 11-6 and 23-9 overall, and goes to either the NIT or the CBI.

Tulsa finishes 11-6 and 21-10 overall, and goes to the CBI.

     Well, that's what I see when I look into my crystal ball, I think.  It gets pretty cloudy in there, especially the deeper into it I look.  But, I like what I think I see.  As I said, you folks take a look into yours and see what you can see.

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